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Platform to build full-stack AI/ML applications 10X faster.

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Build and Manage ML Applications End-to-End

A Collaborative ML Environment Enables Data Scientists, ML Engineers, & App Developers to Share Resources & Innovate Together



Collaborate across teams

An underlying architecture which promotes creation, sharing and collaboration of reusable assets in an organization

Promotes creation of reusable assets

Promotes sharing of reusable assets

Promotes collaboration of reusable assets


Self-serving tools for Enterprise Hackers

A no-code, drag and drop building environment to author rapid development of ML pipelines and streaming workflows - democratizing the creation of AI applications.

Low Code

Drag and drop

Democratizing creation of AI applications


Physarum Dev Tools

Notebooks, SDK & CLI

Perform quick exploratory data science, quickly access datasets, deploy training workload on GPU clusters or deploy multi-stage pipelines in Kubernetes Cluster.

Data Scientists can use Physarum Notebooks to access all the capabilities of the Physarum platform.

Physarum SDK provides a higher order DSL for expressing sophisticated concepts of reactive data engineering pipelines, machine learning pipelines and advanced deployment strategies in a low-code way - allowing developers to infuse AI in their applications and products easily.

Quickly access datasets

Physarum Notebooks for Physarum platform

Provides a higher order DSL


Higher order DSL to express an AI application

Create ML pipelines, streaming workflows and deployment plan using higher order Physarum DSL. Further extend the platform by authoring and sharing custom components fuelling a cycle of Creation and Consumption.

Create pipelines using higher order Physarum DSL

Custom component support fuelling a cycle of Creation and Consumption



Create ML pipelines using popular ML frameworks

Automate creation of advanced ML models for Computer Vision, NLP and tabular data by identifying top performing ML pipelines. The pipeline can also be expressed through both workflow builder and DSL by chaining re-usable components.

Automate creation of advanced ML models

Pipelines expressable through workflow builder and DSL

Supports all areas of ML, AI ie. Computer Vision, NLP and tabular data

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Streaming data analytics and real-time machine learning

Simplify streaming data pipelines using Physarum Streams - framework for development , deployment and monitoring of reactive streaming pipelines. A unified view for combining a dozens of integrations enabling data prep for ML

Simplify streaming data pipelines

Development , deployment and monitoring of reactive streaming pipelines

A unified view for combining a dozens of integrations

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Import and export data from any cloud or database. A great set of integrations .


Collaborative workspace

Work in a collaborative way and share resources with your team.


Easy product creation

Create products with few drag and drops.


Easy product deployment

Deploy your product in the real world environment with single click.

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