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Customer Churn: Hurts Sales, Hurts Company

Customers are the fuel that powers a business. Loss of customers impacts sales. Further, it’s much more difficult and costly to gain new customers than it is to retain existing customers. As a result, organizations need to focus on reducing customer churn.

Deep Exit Survey

RetentionEngine’s exit survey is the next step. RetentionEngine learns what is going wrong and then sends the feedback, analysis and suggestions for overcoming the objections to the proper team members.



RetentionEngine dives deep into the problems and concerns your customers are having. - Segment issues based on lifetime value - Cohort analysis - Augmented with account demographics, usage, customer support - Understand how to overcome objections

Predict & Prevent

The structured data obtained from former customers is used to identify customers trending in similar way. Physarum Retention then prescribes an intervention


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