Intervention Engine

Prevent Customer Churn. Maximize Lifetime Value

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Churn Prevention no longer has to be complex and time consuming

Intervention Engine identifies retention and growth opportunities as well as suggests the actions you should take in order to save accounts and capture more revenue.

Connect to Current Data

Physarum intervention engine aggregates historical data from varied data sources, and uses machine learning to capture the churn likelihood score of customers based on previous trends. Our model is capable of assessing likelihood-to-churn by more than 90 percent.


Identify Risk/Opportunity

InterventionEngine aggregates historical data across varied data sources and then searches for similar patterns associated with growing accounts and existing customers. InterventionEngine averages +90% accuracy in identifying accounts with an aptitude for growth and cross-sell opportunities.

Suggests The Ideal Interventions

InterventionEngine learns in real-time, identifying which interventions are most likely to result in a positive outcome. Intervention Framework: - Types of intervention - Timing of intervention - Recommended Team Member(s) - Escalation to management


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