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In financial services the competition for customer share of wallet is intense with firms looking for every advantage in marketing while fighting fraud, money laundering and other issues.

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High Value use case in Banking

There are hundreds of enterprise AI applications in every function and business line in a bank. By using AI in consumer, investment, and commercial banking, your bank

AI is a great solution for customer churn prediction as the problem involves complex data over time and interactions between different customer behaviors that can be difficult for people to identify. We can use Machine Learning to recommend the best offer that will most likely retain a valuable customer.
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AI is a great solution for credit scoring using more data to provide an individualized credit score based on factors including current income, employment opportunity, recent credit history, and ability to earn in addition to older credit history.
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AI can be used to analyze large volumes of transactions to find fraud patterns and then use those patterns to identify fraud as it happens in real-time. When fraud is suspected, AI models can be used to reject transactions outright or flag transactions for investigation and can even score the likelihood of fraud, so investigators can prioritize their work on the most promising cases.
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